Melissa Peace

Certified Compliance Specialist

Melissa Peace is a Certified Compliance Specialist with TCS USA. She graduated from Maypearl High School, Maypearl, TX in 2003. From there she attended Navarro College. She started working in transportation at a young age while attending college. Melissa’s background has included numerous roles throughout her transportation career, administrative assistant, dispatcher, transportation manager, assistant branch manager, to recruiting and marketing manager. She is bilingual, and a member of Texas Consumer Protection Advisory Committee (CPAC). Her high level of enthusiasm keeps her engaged in all aspects of safety. She has a unique ability to approach opportunities from a fresh and diverse perspective. She is a strategic-minded leader who can orchestrate transformational change. Melissa is a solid, effective, and consistent business manager. She keeps her team focused on all critical key performance factors. Her team, in return, gives her their very best. She demonstrates a superior level of business savvy that enables her to stay ahead of our most significant operational challenges. Strong presentation negation, and team building qualifications. Proactive approach in successful organizational development initiatives that delivered consistent and sustainable operating, revenue profit, and quality improvements through dedicated efforts. A strategic thinker who challenges the status quo. A resourceful and team oriented senior executive with extensive, progressive experience in leading large, complex, diverse organizations.