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At Transportation Compliance Services USA (TCS USA), we understand navigating Federal and State regulations can be stressful.

we’re here to help. 

We combine real-world expertise and a demonstrated history of success with the latest in regulatory training. Our focus is on delivering tailored DOT compliance solutions that not only meet requirements but exceed expectations.

More than just ensuring compliance, our company's mission is rooted in fostering strong, lasting relationships with our clients. Join us on a journey where compliance meets confidence, and let's build a partnership that lasts.

"The DOT Inspector Wants to see my What?"

"You’ve Got DOT Questions, We’ve Got the Answers."

"The Training is Mandatory. The fines don't have to be."

Solutions to DOT Issues

Dealing with the rules and regulations of the DOT can be a cumbersome task. By understanding and working within the context of your existing processes and customizing audits accordingly, we can provide you with a tailored multi-service solution that incorporates the proper balance of compliance and risk management. 



We offer everything from consultations to seminars to complete safety management. We keep you in DOT compliance and on the road. 


CAMS Software

TCS USA has partnered with some of the best programmers in the country to build a customized, one of a kind DOT compliance and safety program management software called CAMS (Compliance Automated Management System) that assists our clients in tracking all documentation required by the US DOT. 



"TCS kept our fleet running legally and opened the doors to interstate operations during the BP oil spill. These guys are the real deal experts."

Bobby Parsley

SE Division Safety Manager

"You guys came in and saved our fleet, twice! We owe a lot of where we are today because of TCS."

Christian Jensen


"We really can't conceive a path forward without TCS. I fully understand the value that having a team such as yours on board with us brings."

Brooke ShoulTZ


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