Matt Lott

CERTIFIED Compliance Specialist

Matt Lott joined TCS USA in the summer of 2019 as full time Compliance Specialist and is a field agent responsible for consulting with clients and managing their compliance with USDOT regulations. Prior to being hired by TCS, he had 27 years in law enforcement for the State of Mississippi which included serving as a commercial motor vehicle enforcement officer in the Public Service Commission as well as retiring as the rank of captain with the Mississippi Department of Transportation Law Enforcement Division. Matt has numerous safety and enforcement certifications ranging from tactical interventions to weight enforcement to hazardous materials packaging and placarding. He has completed North American A and B and is one of only a few Level 6 (Nuclear) certified inspection officers in the southern U.S. Matt also served as a part-time deputy sheriff for the Newton County Sheriff’s Department until his retirement. Matt has trained dozens of officers, investigated hundreds of crashes, and inspected thousands of trucks during his career. The TCS team and our clients are strengthened significantly by his experience, training, and education in the commercial vehicle safety industry.