Brian Stout


Brian Stout has extensive experience in both operations and management in a career that spans a 20-year combination of law enforcement, security, and safety consulting. He compliments his experience with a Bachelor’s degree with Honors from Liberty University in psychology and criminal justice along with a host of industry certifications and awards, including NATMI’s Certified Director of Safety course. In 2009, Brian was recruited by Transportation Compliance Services (TCS) as the Director of Operations and is now the president of the company. He standardized the TCS DOT audit procedures used today that have passed hundreds of federal and state audits and weathered countless depositions. Brian also designed and developed a customized database which has been used by other DOT compliance companies that is client interactive, automated, and completely DOT compliant. Brian has also established the only DOT Compliance Specialist certification program in the U.S., a program which is exclusive to TCS and includes a board certified, 3-step process to become an expert of DOT regulations. Brian has served as an expert witness in federal court on both law enforcement training standards as well as USDOT safety regulations.  He has served on several advisory boards including his current position as CVTA’s Industry Best Practices Board. During his tenure at TCS, Brian has recruited a team of well trained, highly effective consultants who are a unique blend of litigation experts, investigators, and former DOT enforcement agents. Once a local company, TCS has now grown to be one of the largest DOT compliance firms in the U.S. and services clients in all 50 states. Brian has written articles that have been featured in industry publications and he is a regularly requested speaker at industry seminars and conferences. Today, Brian’s influence, training, and policies for the transportation industry are in place at both small businesses and fortune 500 companies all over North America.